About us

Zausoft Technologies is a Website Service Company in Delhi NCR, offers robust Website services in Delhi, India. we strongly believe that in order to provide best solution, understanding the problem in its detail is most crucial. Our clients expect an optimum solution to a complex problem. We believe every website should be as individual as our clients and so they demand lot of our personal attention and care. We follow these simple rules to put in practice what we understand about developing world class websites and web applications. We schedule a consultation with our clients either in person or via phone call.

Website is one of the most aspect of any organization. A website should be well designed and should be informative in itself. Better the website better are the chances of making global clients. Good layout better presentation are the keys of good website design. we do Website designing and development by considering factors which covert the global traffic to the customers. we have got experienced designer to carry out the elegance of the whole website. Better the design better the chances you have to get global business.

Our website is our representative on the global market.Our website taps the potential client from the market and helps us in the growth of our business.

Website designing is a creative process. Our web designers are expertise of using the tools effectively and efficiently. We use different design effects like flash banners, videos, images depending upon the needs of the website. We follow W3c standard in converting the design to a HTML page which results into good website crawling. Our designs are compatible with all major browsers.

We designs static website,dynamic website which include Portals,E-commerce websites etc.

We have got some top notch designers in our Design team.

Why choose us?

1. Creative

We design creative apps and websites for our client and position themself unique in the market. Design is a poetry, it does not need explanation, ours design are the same too.

2. Innovative

If creative is required in design then innovation is required in development.We love to solve the unsolved probelm in the most innovative way.

3. Punctual

Time is very crucial for a product launch, if it is not luanhced at the right time then it is wastage of effort that has been put in. We make sure you get launched at the right time.

4. 24X7 Support

After website/app launch, a regular support is required to do the changes as per the market fit. These changes needed to be done in a short turn around time. We understand this and give our support in a best possible way.